Angel House provides a center for visitors to participate in outreach and learn about Middle Eastern culture and Islam, in a uniquely hands-on immersion setting within the heart of the community. We offer expert teaching on topics of Arab culture, Islam, and all details of immigration to America. Opportunities for visitors include Short-term Work Trips (one day to two weeks), Internships (for college / university practicum and internships credit; please contact us for details), and our most popular, one day Immersion Program, which includes a teaching, mosque visit, community ‘walk-about’, & delicious Arabic meal.

The community we serve in is a mosaic of the entire Arab and Islamic world at large. Within a 10-minute walk of Angel House there are 7,000 people primarily from Yemen; within a 5-mile radius of Angel House, there are 50,000 Arabs from Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and Egypt. Metro Detroit is home to over a quarter million Arabs from every country in N. Africa and the Middle East.

Across the street from Angel House, the call to prayer is heard five times every day from the oldest mosque in North America; around the corner are a multitude of Arabic bakeries, butcher shops, Islamic stores, grocery stores, and restaurants, where you can hear the Arabic language spoken as you enliven your senses with the smells, sounds, tastes, and sights of this truly Middle Eastern village located in our own backyard!