English as a Second Language
Angel House provides 3 levels of ESL classes for participants:
  • Basic
  • Beginning
  • Intermediate

Classes are scheduled for women in the mornings and men in the mornings and evenings in segregated classrooms, sensitive to the conservative nature of our community, which prohibits mixing of sexes.

Child Care
Child Care is available to enable mothers to participate in programs. We work to prepare children for pre-school and kindergarten, as many of their mothers are low-level English speakers, leaving these children almost totally unprepared linguistically, socially and educationally for school.

After-School Middle and
High School Tutoring

Volunteers work with bilingual middle and high school students, tutoring in computers, English and high challenge subjects (chemistry, physics, high mathematics, etc.) because tutoring is unavailable elsewhere in the community.

We use our new, state-of-the-art Computer Lab to teach basic applications, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and how to use the Internet, in conjunction with other high level skills, including digital photography and understanding computer hardware. Comcast Corporation has partnered with Angel House to provide high-speed internet access, and we are very grateful they have provided this internet access for life!

Our Sewing Classes are for both beginners and advanced students, with a dozen women being guided by several master seamstresses in a very fun and informative environment, giving them the confidence to make great looking clothes for their whole family. We provide sewing machines, fabric at nominal cost, patterns and notions.

Drivers Education
In their own countries in the Middle East, many women do not drive. While driving in Detroit is imperative due to the lack of public transportation, it is also essential for their financial stability and mobility, allowing women to work, shop, and travel outside the neighborhood. Several dozen women participate in classroom instruction at Angel House, preparing them for their driving tests.

Angel House realizes there is much adjustment necessary when immigrating to America. We offer opportunities for our students to seek confidential advice and wisdom from counselors with compassion and integrity, in marriage, parenting, legal issues, and health care, just to name a few.

Book Club
Book Clubs are popular in many countries. This is a great way for our students to test their vocabulary, be enlightened on bestsellers and classics, and have the opportunity to talk, drink tea, and enjoy cookies. Oprah isn't the ONLY one with a Book Club!